Dah Sing Bank

Hong Kong

Summer Intern (Group Investment)

The Programme

Summer Intern (Group Investment)

Joining us as a summer intern in Group Investment Division, you will be able to gain valuable working experience through practical projects and assignments, on the job training and coaching from supervisor. You can enhance your banking knowledge and develop essential skills to prepare yourself for further career development in the banking industry in the future.

What is the role?

We are looking for a Data Scientist intern to sit with the investment team. There are many opportunities to add value, with the main areas of focus ranging from tool creation/improvement, Data Analysis to areas like Portfolio Optimization, Backtesting, Smart Beta, Multidimensional Factor Analysis, as well as ad hoc projects. We have several projects that we think would be suitable, and would also be happy to support other ideas the candidate may find interesting.

What you will do

What do we offer?

We offer the opportunity to work directly within the Front-Office Investment Team and learn first-hand how data science and quantitative/mathematical finance are used to make investments in an institutional setting. The intern would have access to financial data (from providers such as Bloomberg), as well as computing budget if necessary (AWS/Azure/etc). We are a very meritocratic team, and if the intern has good ideas, they will get to see them implemented right away and have an immediate practical impact.

Required Skills and Abilities

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are genuinely curious and have a thirst for knowledge. An interest in Data Science is very important, and some interest in/understanding of finance would be nice. Previous coursework in Data Science/Machine Learning/Math/Statistics would be advantageous. Comfort in Python is important (R/SQL/Matlab would be fine as well), with packages like TensorFlow (or comfort with AWS/Azure/Google/etc). Lastly we are looking for those that are self-motivated, who can deal with uncertainty and can carry a project through to completion.

Internship period will last from June to August 2019.